The Woodlands of Stuart


Meeting January 16, 2019

In attendance:
Jack Benoit, Jim Brooks, Doug Calo, Larry Cohen, Shannon Crews, Laura Danahy, Sheila LaGrega, Marty Moss, Barbara Poglitsch,
Maura Sorenson

Meeting called to order 6:39 by Marty Moss.
Marty motioned to accept minutes from 7 November 2018; Larry seconded; attendees voted unanimously to accept the minutes.

Covenants committee report:
Committee has covered #1 – 10 of the covenants.  They intend to meet approximately every two weeks; the next meeting of the committee is January 23rd.

 Old business reports:
The contact updates went out to all residents.  Thirteen responses came back.  None of the e-mails that Marty sent regarding today’s meeting bounced back electronically.  Marty hopes to get confirmed e-mail addresses from all homeowners soon.

Treasurers’ report:
Amounts Removed from Website version of minutes.

 We have received the landscaping invoice for work at the entrances and frontage.

New business:
Some of the lights in the entrances are not working.  The WOA will have the electronic equipment fixed.

 The Bartenfelders have requested approval of new breezeway doors.  The board members approved the doors via e-mail.  Maura moved for approval of the doors; Marty seconded; attendees unanimously approved.

The Wolfes have requested approval of house renovation, and they have supplied the architectural plans.  Maura moved for approval; Larry seconded; attendees unanimously approved.

The Calos have requested approval of a garage addition, and they have supplied the architectural plans.  Shannon moved for approval; Marty seconded; attendees unanimously approved.

Maura requested sheriff’s office visits for the neighborhood.  Marty said that he would contact the Sheriff’s Community Watch to request patrols.  Sheila mentioned that her son has had two bikes stolen from the front where he locks it before taking the bus to school. 
Larry suggested that we call Code Enforcement regarding some of the nearby vacant properties to protect the property values of WOA homes.  Jim suggested that we call the Sheriff’s Community Policing Unit so that they can send patrols.  Jack commented that parents of school children might want to exercise special caution if their children take the bus because he has seen strangers in the neighborhood. 

Marty motioned to adjourn at 7:35; Larry seconded; the attendees unanimously approved.

Residents need to know:

Please make sure that your e-mail address is updated.  E-mail Marty at

On the 19th from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., the Sheriff’s Office is offering shredding and expired medicine disposal.

Next meeting is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday April 10, 2019.

Meeting November 7, 2018  

In attendance:
Dave Balongue, Kathleen Benoit, Larry Cohen, Laura Danahy, Wes LaChance, Stephanie McNamara,
Marty Moss, Barbara Poglitsch, Maura Sorensen

Meeting called to order 6:42 by Marty Moss.
Marty motioned to accept minutes from 13 October 2018; Dave seconded.

Treasurer’s report:
Dave moved for approval of treasurer’s report.  Barbara stated that the WHOA has $***** (intentionally not posted on Website), in all accounts.  All voted in favor of accepting the treasurer’s report. 

Dave commented that the WHOA has never established a standardized form for the income statements or balance sheets.  He has provided for the meeting copies of standardized forms of a budget and of financial statements. 
Barbara stated that we have used the system in place since 1990, and that the financial statements are appropriate for the size of the operation that we have.  She also said that we use cash basis instead of accrual accounting.  Barbara stated that some homeowners paid early, thus causing a footnote comment that explained the total revenue from dues.  The fiscal year runs from every July 1st to June 30th.  Barbara said she could easily switch to a system that uses “deferred income” to limit the confusion with revenue from dues collection. 

Larry asked Barbara for clarification of the loss from last fiscal year. Barbara explained that the attorney’s fees greatly exceeded the anticipated expense.  Furthermore, she noted, the WHOA has already accrued approximately $5,000 in legal fees for this fiscal year.  Marty said that the attorney has already provided a preliminary document for the covenant revisions. 
Larry commented that the WHOA has already spent a significant amount of money on legal fees although it seems that little progress has been made.  Barbara noted that approximately half of the fees were spent on the legal repairs to the covenant applicability which would be necessary in any attempt to enforce the covenants.  Barbara and Dave explained that some of the 2015 covenant changes had language dropped upon filing, although retroactively accepting any lot changes to that point.

Larry moved that we move to an accrual accounting system; Marty seconded. Larry moved that we also present a reconciliation sheet with the budget.  Marty seconded.  The motion passed unanimously. 

Marty asked the members present if anyone would prefer to not be on the committee to revise the covenants.  Laura asked how often the group would meet.  Marty suggested that the committee will need to be able to review its progress before the next full-membership meeting.  The group decided to make the first committee meeting on Thursday 29 November at 6:30 at the Moss residence. 

Marty said that he received only twelve e-mail address confirmations.  The member confirmations have been most helpful.  Laura asked if we are intending to move to exclusively electronic communication.  Larry and Marty suggested that we can create a member-response form that would allow the WHOA to begin communicating electronically, as our postage and supplies costs were more than triple what was budgeted this past year. They agreed to visit members “door to door” for the information and agreement for electronic communication. (See  "Contact Update Request " below minutes)

The sheriff’s department suggested that homeowners keep their car keys on the nightstand at night so that they can use the car alarm if they hear any disturbance near the house at night.  Also, the sheriff’s department has created an online sales parking lot with cameras and lights for the use of anyone who wants to sell something via the internet.

Maura moved to adjourn the meeting; Dave seconded.  Meeting adjourned at 7:38 p.m.

Anybody that mails to the Millsteins should use the Fort Lauderdale address.  Also, from April to October, the mail to the Bartenfelders should go to their Alaska address.


Dear Woodlands Member:

Your Association is attempting to update your Emergency contact information. This will be distributed on a Woodlands Lot Map to use in case you may need to contact a neighbor, or a neighbor needs to contact you for any emergency.  Some of you have previously responded with the Emergency contact information, however please authorize either or both requests for signature below, if so inclined.
You can help by providing Emergency Contact information below. 


House Street Number __________________

Preferred Telephone Number(s)_____________

Text (cell phone)_____________________

Email ________________________________

We are also attempting to improve the speed of communication and minimize postage expense which has been an increasing amount of our budget which we all pay for.

You may elect to have email be your primary method of receiving Woodlands information by signing below. 


 We are also asking for your permission to hand deliver notices to your mail box. YOU WILL STILL GET ALL LEGALLY MANDATED MAILINGS BY US MAIL. (all notices and documents mandated to be mailed by Covenants, By Laws and FL Statute 720 HOA laws).

 I authorize Woodlands communications to be hand delivered to my Mail Box.


Kindly either email, mail or deliver to Marty Moss, President
5684 Lamay Drive
Stuart, Fl 34997Type your paragraph here.


Annual Meeting October 13, 2018  

Homeowners need to know:
Please send your current e-mail address and your current phone number to Marty Moss at  Please do not assume that the contact information on record with the HOA is correct.  Marty has discovered that many of the addresses and phone numbers that the HOA has are no longer valid.  We hope to do a significant amount of our communication via e-mail to reduce our postage expense. 

Please make plans to attend our next membership meeting on Wednesday, November 7th, at 6:30 p.m. at the Moss residence (5684).  Our agenda for that evening includes reviewing and making decisions about the proposed 2018 – 2019 budget and establishing a committee to revise the covenants.  Please watch for additional news regarding covenant revisions in future association letters.

Please visit the Woodlands HOA website at to stay updated on happenings in our neighborhood.  Typing the address into the URL line works better than going through a browser.

The Annual Meeting occurred on Saturday, 13 October 2018 at the Morgade Library.  For details, please read on.

Meeting called to order on Saturday, 13 October 2018 at 2:07 p.m. by Barbara Poglitsch.
In attendance:
Dave Balongue, Pat Blancher, Jim Brooks, Shannon Crews, Laura Danahy, Jane Englebrecht, Wes Lachance,
Brett & Sheila Lagrega, John and Leslie Ludlam, Marty & Anne Marie Moss, Greg O’Brien, Barbara Poglitsch,
Colleen Sample, Maura Sorenson

Anne Marie and Pat tallied the votes from P.O. box and from meeting: 
20 total votes
20 affirmative votes for Maura
19 affirmative votes for all other candidates

New Board includes:
Marty Moss – President
Larry Cohen – VP
Barbara Poglitsch – Treasurer
Laura Danahy – Secretary
Maura Sorenson – Director
Shannon Crews – Director
Dave Balongue – Director

Upcoming meetings:
meeting Wednesday 7 November 2018 at Moss residence (5684) at 6:30 p.m.
quarterly meetings of Board to which all residents are invited on the 2nd Wednesday of January & April 2019
next annual meeting in June 2019

Continuing issues:
Martin County events:

  • Trunk or Treat on Wednesday 31 October 2018 at Sheriff’s Office (feel free to donate bags of candy at the sheriff’s office)

  • National Prescription Drug Take Back Day Saturday October 27, 2018

    • CVS – 2284 SE Federal Hwy, Stuart

    • Jupiter Island Public Safety – 103 Bunker Hill Rd, Hobe Sound

    • Sewalls Point Town Hall – 1 South Sewalls Point Rd

    • Walgreens Cove Rd – 5800 SE Federal Hwy, Stuart

    • Walgreens Jensen - 1250 NE Jensen Bch Blvd

  • Expired drug disposal and shredding event 19 January 2019 at 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.; look for more information on our website

Sheriff’s Office recommends calling 911 to report any concern about odd or suspicious behavior within the neighborhood. See attached message from Sheriff Snyder.
Marty said that he hopes to update e-mail contacts for all homeowners; Laura concurred.

Marty noted that the Board’s goals include improving communication, engaging residents in community involvement events, and improving communication through the website.  Additionally, the HOA intends to revise the current by-laws & covenants.

New business:
Jane requested that we announce the public meetings with something besides openly posted signage.  After some group conversation, we collectively agreed that the Board will work towards posting meeting dates and the minutes on the website, but we did not reach a consensus about public announcement of meeting dates.  The Board will continue to snail-mail the minutes.  The Board will consider audio recordings or video recordings of meetings.

Pat suggested that committee meetings should have minutes distributed to all residents.

Regarding revision of covenants, Pat and Colleen brought everyone up to date with the previous activity with the attorney.  Marty explained that the covenants in place right now are the original covenants of the developer from 1980.  From time to time, he continued, the association has failed to enforce some pieces of the covenants. 

Colleen reported that all of the properties in Woodlands are now subject to the covenants since the summer of 2018 when the attorney, Elizabeth Bonan, checked all of the property deeds, and the Board at that time arranged to have any owners not yet included in the covenants sign an agreement to be subject to the covenants.

Brett commented that the Board should make any covenant changes open to all of the residents before instituting them.  Dave noted the revision committee would solicit and receive input from the residents for revision of the covenants, and that all of the changes will be put to a membership vote before they are implemented.

Shannon suggested that we should let the attorney come up with the language for the covenants that will define what we want within the neighborhood.

Maura said that she supports the idea of minimal intrusion on property rights for the benefit of a community being livable for all.  Pat commented that the HOA needs some language that protects all of our property values as well.

Laura asked how the procedures for revision work.  Marty, Pat, and Colleen explained that the procedure entails a committee that accepts revision suggestions and then presents proposed revisions to all of the residents for a vote.  Once sent out for a vote by the residents, a simple majority decides acceptance or rejection of the proposed covenant revision.

Maura suggested a full-membership workshop for covenant revision; Marty mentioned concerns about the time that an open meeting will take.  Brett and Maura commented that they favor an open-membership conversation of several “hot-button” issues that would develop. 

Barbara requested that all homeowners with comments about covenant revisions make a list on a separate sheet of paper and submit it to the P.O. box instead of marking comments on the original documents and returning the entire package. 

Colleen and Jim explained that the 2015 covenant suggestions never became legally active because some of the original deeds were not properly registered in the 1980s and 1990s.  Maura suggested posting both the 1980 and the 2015 covenants on the website.  Marty, Jim, Maura, Brett, and Colleen recommended using the 2015 proposed covenants to move forward.  Marty motioned that we use the 2015 proposals as our starting point; Maura seconded.

Marty said that the Board will look into reducing the annual dues.  Barbara presented the financial position of the Association.  She said that the HOA currently has $ ***** (Intentionally not posted on Website) in all of its accounts.  This must cover all of the recurring expenses plus provide funds for any contingencies.  Barbara suggested that a reduction in dues is not feasible for at least two years.

Dave suggested that we postpone approval of this year’s proposed budget to the meeting of 24 October 2018.  Dave motioned for postponement; Marty seconded.

Marty motioned for adjournment; Laura seconded.  Meeting adjourned at 3:36 p.m.

April 25, 2018 - Meeting called to order at 6:03.

5675 SE Lamay Dr. - Fence Lot 10 wants to put up wood and wire mesh on the side and back.  Discussion follows: Hank makes motion, Jane seconds, all in favor, motion passes.

5615 SE Lamay Dr. - Lot 37 wants to put up a shed 12x20 on the se corner of the property. Property will be to code on side and at least 50 feet form thee lake. Hank makes a motion and Jane second the motion, all in favor motion passed.

5646 SE Lamay Dr. - Lot 40 Wood fence on the west side and new screen fence on the east side. Hank makes a motion, Jane second motion, all in favor, passed.

Lake Aeration Discussion

Received quote from Aquagenics. Second opinion is needed. Vertex water features will test lake for free.  Marty has a study from a university. Table the motion until the free water test and another discussion.

Lot 40: Barbara will contact lake spraying near our land on the lakefront. Do not spray on water plants that will be planted to the bottom of the lake with the tops floating on the lake surface. They are natural to the cleansing of the water in the lake.

Greg on Lot 36 will contact Aquagenics regarding the spraying of the lake and the ditch.

Doug Calo on Lot 40 wants to put up a sign on his property not to spray the water plants. Motion for Doug for signs for no spraying, sign size is 8.5x11. Second Jane, all in favor motion passed.

Discussion of the meeting signs: Marty and Colleen will keep the signs of meetings. Motion to spend money each for signs, Hanks makes a motion, second Jim, all in favor, passed.

Marty has the wrong number on the map that he made for the Woodlands: 286-8039 for his property

Covenant revival update: 29 responded and agreed. They were turned over to the attorney and the attorney will send to the state.  It takes 60 days to do this.

Covenants committee: Dave, Marty, and the board

Some arecas palms have died and will be replaced on the line on Salerno Rd. Pat will get together and get some prices with Edgar our lawn service. Edgar needs to trim date palms someone will call him. Some sprinkler heads are leaking.

Safety deposit box changed to Seacoast. It’s a larger box at a fair price.  Jane made a motion to move the box to Seacoast, Jim second the motion, all in favor, passed.

Elections of officers for next meeting:
Directors: Shannon Crews, Jane Englebrecht, Mark Brecher, Jim Brooks
President: Marty Moss
VP: Hank Peters
Treasurer: Barbara Poglitsch 
Secretary: Colleen Sample

Need Letter for Greg Obrien for Aquagenics.

Marty and Jane talked about some in house cleaning of our neighborhood:

Please don’t leave a lot of misc. equipment or unneeded used debris on back or side of houses that others might see.  Remember to pick up poop from dog walks.  Consider your neighbors who enjoy their property. So we ask that you be neighborly and guide yourself accordingly.

Hank called meeting adjourned at 7:00


9/06/2017 - Architectural  Meeting and Board meeting
Hank Peters  called the meeting to start at 6:15.

Steve Bruno was in attendance and presented the group with his plans for a 2 car garage to the rear of this property at 5649 SE Lamay Dr., Stuart, FL  34997 Lot #14.  The garage was a steel 2 car garage that was 30X35 in size.

A letter from the Woodlands HOA attorney was also read with reference to the plans that were submitted by Steve Bruno.

Discussions followed about previous garages that were built within our community, that were built to match the homes on the properties.  These homes that have detached or attached garages that were built similar to their residence are:  lot 5, 17, 34, 23,25,28.22.

A motion was made by Jim Brooks to approve the garage.  Hank Peters second the motion. Board members: Barbara Poglitsch, Christopher Blaylock and Colleen Sample voted no. Motion did not pass.

Discussions about fences and set backs from the lake were discussed.

Barbara had information about a diffuser system to help keep the lake clean. She will bring back more information on it.

Discussion about trimmings and clippings: Do not place these in our drainage swales and or canals.

There are 3 outstanding residents that have not paid their dues for this year.

Marty Moss volunteered to be crime watch commander since Luther Brown is moving.

Woodlands Community  Picnic :  Nov. 4, 2017, 1-5:00- in our Woodlands Park area. Vote was taken to use $1,000.00 towards a tent, hamburgers, hot dogs, water and soda. Hank made a motion, Jim second the motion , all were in favor  Please bring a dish and whatever you would like to drink.  We will also need some grills for cooking.  If you are planning on attending. Please call Colleen Sample at 772-285-0081 before  Nov. 1st and let her know how many are coming and what dish you will be bringing.  We are hoping to get a variety of dishes. Colleen will be supplying a Woodlands Cake for the event.

Hank made a motion to end the meeting, Colleen Sample second the motion all in favor. Meeting adjourned at 7:40.


Correction to Meeting April 20, 2017

Hank Peters made a motion for a larger Safety Deposit box not a P.O. Box at an annual amount of $165.00.

Neighbor submitted plans for a fence on his property with pictures of a proposed fence (1) showing combination of wood/wire (2) combination of wood/chain link. Both are not permitted as per by-laws.

There are still some melaleuca remaining, including one that endangers the pump house. Pat Blancher received a quote from Ramirez Tree & Lawn Services for $1,900.00 to remove all the pest trees. Ramirez is currently the Woodlands lawn service contractor. Barbara made a motion to approve the tree removal; motion was second by Hank vote unanimous.

Meeting April 20, 2017

  • President: Hank Peters

  • Vice President: Chris Blaylock

  • Treasurer: Barbara Poglitsch

  • Secretary: Colleen Sample

  • Directors: Jim Brooks, Mark Bresher,

  • Resident: Larry Cohen

Barbara Poglitch made a motion to start the meeting at 7:00.

Hank Peters made a motion:  we needed a larger post office box.  Barbara Poglitsch seconds the motion. The cost of the post office box per year is $165.00

A neighbor submitted a plan for a fence for his property.  The fence was a wood and chain link fence which is not allowed in the bi-laws (wood is but not chain link).  The proposed plan also placed the fence along the road frontage of Lamay Dr. which also is not allowed in the bi-laws.  Suggestion from the group that the side fence on the west side could be extended from the home approx. 20’ feet then follow south to the back of his property.  In this way the fence is not adjacent to the easement along the road. The neighbors request was denied but the board agreed to work with our neighbor on his fence plan.

There is a melaleuca tree in the Woodlands Park.  Barbara made a motion to have the tree removed at a cost of $1900.00. Our neighbor, Pat, who has taken care of our Woodlands’ park and trees for years, was approved for the job.  All board members agreed and the motion was passed.  

Larry Cohen attended the meeting to give us an update on the changes to the zoning on the west side of the Woodlands.  We appreciated the update.

Motion made to complete meeting at 8:00, all in favor.

Further update on the zoning changes:

April 25, 2017: Martin County Commissioners approved the change of zoning for the VNA on the corner of Willoughby and Salerno.  The Fernlea property on Willoughby was approved for a change of zoning to 2 homes per acre but if the developer came back with an over 55 community, then the board might approve it because it won’t cause any overcrowding in the schools.

Information:  Annual Woodlands Meeting:  July 22, 2017 at Mortgage Library 2:00-4:00

Slate of proposed officers:

President:  Hank Peters, Vice President:  Chris Blaylock, Secretary:  Colleen Sample, Treasurer:  Barbara Poglitsch, Directors:  Mark Bresher, Jim Brooks, Jane Engelbrecht. 

Please contact Hank if you would like to submit your name for any position.

Meeting August 24, 2016 – Phone meeting for board members

Phone vote was taken and the board approved the new slate of officers as a new volunteer* came forward.

  • President: Hank Peters

  • Vice President: Chris Blaylock

  • Treasurer: Barbara Poglitsch

  • Secretary: Colleen Sample

  • Directors: Jim Brooks, Mark Bresher, Jane Engelbrecht*

Reminder: Web site
User Name: Thewoodlandsofstuart

You can place an email on the site and it will be checked periodically by the board members. You may also email the secretary directly, Colleen Sample, and she will disburse your email to the proper board member.
Meeting June 25, 2016

Annual meeting was conducted at the Morgade Library. The meeting was called to order at 12:35 by Hank Peters, President.

The board members in attendance were: Pat Blancher VP, Barbara Poglitsch Treasurer, Jim Brooks, Director, Martin Moss Director, Dave Belongue Director, Secretary was absent.

There were 11 residents in attendance. John Ludlow was concerned about the lake height and algae growth. He will follow up on the lake maintenance when he returns and be the contact person with the company that takes care of the water quality. The yearly dues are due July 31, 2016.

The Treasurer, Barbara Poglitsch, reported that there is $23,663.37 in CDs.

The slate of officers are:

  • President: no volunteers

  • Vice President: Hank Peters

  • Treasurer: Barbara Poglitsch

  • Secretary: Colleen Sample

  • Directors: Jim Brooks, Chris Blaylock, Mark Bresher

Vote was taken to approve the slate and it was passed.

Motioned to adjourn at 1:32 and motion passed.