The Woodlands of Stuart


Meeting July 22, 2017

Meeting called to order by president Hank Peters at 2:07 the following officers and directors were present: Colleen Sample, Barbara Poglitish, Jim Brooks, Mark Brecher, Jane Englebrecht. Twenty resident members were also in attendance.             

Treasurer report: Treasurer's report and Budget for 2018 - thirteen residents have not paid dues. Barbara discussed lake regeneration for next year 2018. Jane Engelbrecht motioned to accept treasurers report, Mark Brecher second unanimously approved.                                                                                                                                                    

Secretary Report: Barbara motion to approve minutes from the last meeting Jane second unanimously approved.  


Old Business:  None                                                                                                                                       

New Business:  board reviewed site plans and pictures requesting a shed from the Parents for the side of their property.  It will be located at least 10’ from the side which conforms to deed restrictions.  Jane motion for shed to be approved  second Mark unamously approved. Jane said a neighbor did not like board meeting signs and felt they advertised no one would be at home. The display of signs are required as per our by-laws and FL. Statue 720.  Discussion for VNA property which was approved twice and is now going in front of the commission 7/25/2017 for final approval to COR -2.  Commissioners email addresses will be posted on the web site: Night out in the park for owners in October or November.  Request for financials to be removed from web site for security reasons. Any resident wishing to review financials please contact treasure Barbara. Residents are reminded to keep their SWALES CLEAN to maintain proper drainage. Dave Balongue said that there were not many meetings last year and was disappointed. A few residents spoke up and thought it would be good to have more discussions about our neighborhood and suggested quarterly meetings. There was no vote on it. Pat Blanchard is going to look at the park for the vegetation removal. Marty Moss is going to be the neighborhood watch committee as Luther Brown is moving. The Woodlands needs’ everyone’s email address.  We will not be giving them to anyone outside our neighborhood.   If we could communicate with everyone by email for issues that come up and save paper and time it would be appreciated.  Here are the lots numbers where we have no email addresses for: Lots 23, 35, 40, 10, 39, 24, 2, 4, 44, 36, 22, 16, 12, 29, 42, 5. In this age of computers, almost nothing can get done without them and in most cases they are mandatory.  If you don’t want us to have your personal one, please go online at  gmail, yahoo (or any other email site) and choose another email address just for the Woodlands, so we can stay in touch without all these papers in our mail boxes and extra time for our board.  Your secretary, Colleen Sample, would greatly appreciate your cooperation. If you would like to send me your email address: Larry Cohen discussed the new Fl State estoppel reporting and time periods, Barbara takes care of this. If homeowners have questions on anything, please check the web site and send emails through the web site:  Thewoodlandsofstuart.  You can also, email me directly:

Motion was made to approve the slate of officers for 2018 by Steve Feder and Laura Danahy. Motion approved. President:  Hank Peters, Vice President: Chris Blaylock, Secretary:  Colleen Sample, Treasurer: Barbara Poglitsch, Directors: Mark Brecher, Jim Brooks, Jane Engelbrecht.

Colleen motioned to adjourn the meeting at 3:12 second by Mark unanimously approved. Minutes of the meeting by Colleen Sample, Secretary.



  ATTENDANCE: Quorum present at the frontage lot.
Marty & Anne Marie Moss
Larry & Sue Cohen
Kathy & Jack Benoit
Aaron & Heather Singleton
Colleen Sample
Jane Englebrecht
Teri Parent
Sheila LaGrega
Steve Bruno
D.J. Philibert
Dave Balongue
Steve & Pam Feder
James Brooks
Barbara Poglitsch
Kim Heiman

APPROVAL OF MINUTES FOR PREVIOUS MEETING:  Larry Cohen moved to approve the minutes of the last meeting on 9/26/20.  Dave Balongue seconded.

 TREASURER’S REPORT:  Barbara Poglitsh submitted latest financial statement.

      President Marty Moss reported that all members are up to date on their dues obligation.
      He also introduced new residents of The Woodlands, the Singletons and the Philiberts.

     Vote for new officers was held.  Ballots were collected and tabulated by volunteers Jim Brooks and Kathy Benoit.
 New officers are reported as follows:
      President:          Heather Singleton
     Vice President:  Sheila LaGrega
     Secretary:          Laura Danahy
     Treasurer:          Barbara Poglitsch
     Board of Directors:
          DJ Philibert
          Jane Engelbrecht
          Colleen Sample


Marty mentioned clean out maintenance of the Lake Lamay Main Drainage Canal needs to be investigated, estimated, and scheduled if needed. Plans should include South Florida Water Management as well as Resident Members on either side. We need to be sure that there is no obstruction to flow at Fernlea, down flow from our end of the canal.

Marty led all attendees in congratulating the new board members.   He then summarized various accomplishments of the board during the past year, including landscaping, project approvals, legal actions, and a social event (bowling night).  Marty also reported that Governor DeSantis has extended emergency orders to address the COVID-19 pandemic.

Larry motioned to adjourn the meeting at 10:42. Dave seconded.



In attendance:
Dave Balongue, Jack Benoit, Kathy Benoit, Jim Brooks, Steven Bruno, Larry Cohen, Sue Cohen, Laura Danahy
Jane Engelbrecht, Pam Feder, Steve Feder, Kim Heiman, Bret LaGrega, Sheila LaGrega, Marty Moss, Anne Marie Moss,
Rob Parent, Terri Parent, Barbara Poglitsch, Colleen Sample, Maura Sorenson, George Wallace

Meeting called to order 12:37 by Marty Moss.
Marty introduced the current Board in attendance and motioned to accept minutes from 1 May 2019; Barbara seconded; the Board voted unanimously to accept the minutes.

Treasurer’s Report:
The presentation reconciles all of the figures at the bottom of the report.  The “actual” totals report the money that is available in the various accounts now.  Barbara has budgeted for additional landscaping costs.  She expects to transfer some money from the Money Market to a CD soon to earn some additional interest income.  Barbara also explained that the legal fees have significantly affected the Association’s spending, but that she anticipates that these will decrease soon.

          Amounts in accounts withheld from the Website.

Larry asked why we have more for dues than last year.  Barbara explained that we have collected some money in advance for the next fiscal year.

Marty motioned to accept the Treasurer’s report; Maura seconded The Board voted unanimously to accept the report.

Old Business:

Larry reported that the county has agreed to regrade the swales and clean out the culverts within their ability.  Nevertheless, this requires consistent contacting of the county officials.  The county will also clean out the driveway drainage pipes.  Very few homeowners have had the truck visit their driveways.  The county will also regrade the Lamay Drive swales, but again, we will need to follow up with the county officials to see this happen.  Larry suggests that the Association call the county on a monthly schedule because otherwise, any action within the neighborhood will close out the request for the county administration.  Colleen suggested calling Commissioner Heard’s office in addition to phoning the county administration offices since she has a separate budget for activity within our neighborhood.

Marty described the proposals to have the entrance lighting fixed.  The best price he received to have to perform the work was $1,041.77.  Alternatively, the Association can install a relay box for approximately $350.  Jack asked if we could install a solar source, but Marty said that they are cost-prohibitive.  Marty motioned and Laura seconded to continue will investigate alternative methods, and to go ahead with plans to fix the lights if they can do so for less than the proposed repair prices.  The Board voted in favor unanimously in favor of this motion.

Marty has received a variety of complaints regarding dogs running loose in the neighborhood.  George noted that this should not be a Board issue because the county has leash laws. Marty asked that we please obey the Martin County Leash Law and show common courtesy, by keeping your dogs on a leash and picking up after them. If you have any issue with a neighbor, sometimes it might be best to mention it and try to work it out before elevating it to others.

New Business:

Marty said that we are planning to close out the old CD, re-opening a new CD at a higher interest rate.  To meet the minimum deposit, we will move some money from the Money Market account.  Marty motioned to move ahead with those plans and to update the signers of all three accounts to Barbara Poglitsch, Larry Cohen, and Marty Moss; Larry seconded.  The Board voted unanimously in favor of these changes.

Marty said that we need to update the signers on the safe-deposit box.  Marty motioned that we update the signers to Barbara Poglitsch, Larry Cohen, and Marty Moss; Dave seconded. The Board voted unanimously in favor of this.

Seacoast Bank suggested that we carry a line of credit of $100,000.  This would entail $400 process fee, $350 Doc Stamps, $35 for 3 yrs. @$150/yr. After 3 yrs. renewal process fee approx. 50% of current fee., for a total of approximately $800 for three years with an annual maintenance charge of $150.  Steven asked why we might need a line of credit at all.  Sheila commented that Seacoast has historically raised interest rates over the course of a credit line.  George noted that this sounds like a reasonable idea if we ever needed a credit line, but that simply assessing the homeowners might be simpler and not terribly burdensome to the homeowners.  Dave commented that we have reserves to adequately any foreseeable expenditures.  He also suggested that if we obtained a line of credit, we certainly could do with a smaller amount.  Additionally, Dave noted that any of our expenditures could be paid over time.  Kim suggested that the Association could begin, instead, to build additional fund reserves.  After discussion, none of the attendees see an immediate need for a line of credit, but we know that the option exists if we ever need it.  Larry made a motion to table the discussion about the line of credit; Maura seconded.  All attendees voted unanimously in agreement.

Marty received a letter from the attorney regarding lot 47 which is experiencing some land erosion.  He read the letter aloud to the attendees.  Marty has sent the letter to the Association’s attorney, and we await a legal settlement for the responsibility of adding dirt to the property.

Marty described that the Sheriff’s Office would like to present safety and security advice to homeowners.  Marty would like to schedule an evening for this presentation.  Given the interest of the attendees, Marty agreed to talk to the MCSO representative to arrange this meeting.

Kim, Kathy, and Anne Marie counted the ballots for Board election for the next fiscal year.  Twenty-one homeowners returned ballots. All of the candidates are accepted.

Votes for HOA Board of Directors:

All existing Board Members were re-elected as follows with no challenges:
Marty Moss – President
Larry Cohen – VP
Barbara Poglitsch – Treasurer
Laura Danahy – Secretary
Maura Sorenson – Director
Shannon Crews – Director
Dave Balongue – Director

Covenants Vote:

Revision is complete.  Jim delivered twenty-two Limited Proxys, all of which were NO votes. Marty Moss delivered two Limited Proxys. Several of the homeowners delivered their ballots in person.  Eleven homeowners voted in favor of the revisions; thirty-two homeowners voted against the revisions.  George commented that the Association has not enforced covenants over the past many years, and therefore the covenants have lapsed.  Dave commented that the Association voted in favor of restoring the 1980 covenants two years ago and are now enforceable.  A great deal of lively conversation followed.  Sheila noted that the neighborhood is nice because of its relaxed atmosphere.

After the vote, Marty Moss addressed all in the meeting with the following:

“While I am disappointed, I’m not surprised at the outcome of the vote for the revised covenants. We have tried to revise the document to be able to accommodate changes in lifestyles of our members since 1980. We feel that the covenants should protect the safety and value of the investment we all have made in our homes, while not being too restrictive in how people live and enjoy their home. We all need to recognize that certain things we do or don’t do may either not be neighbor friendly or be downright disrespectful to our neighbors.

Unfortunately, not everyone thinks that way, and that’s why we have covenants. Since I’ve been president, I’ve received numerous dog complaints, complaints about large campers parked in plain sight of everyone, bushes not being trimmed, a neighbor’s construction etc. Much of the time I’ll ask, “Did you talk to your neighbor and let them know your feelings”. Almost always the response I get is “I don’t want to do that”. Yet they’re asking the HOA to do it for them without any workable covenants.

We have a beautiful neighborhood, let’s keep it that way. We all have issues, we all have wants and needs, and different tastes. We all have different filters through which we see the world. Some of us just want no part of covenants and just see it as unnecessary authority over us. I would rather not have unnecessary restrictions either. The problem is that at times some people do things without considering the negative effects on their neighbors, or how objectional their actions may be. That’s what changes covenants from being unnecessary to necessary.  So, the trick is to develop covenants that are protective of all, without being overly restrictive. Sometimes we need to try to see things through our neighbor’s filters in order to understand them and get along.

We thought that this document serves that purpose of being protective but not overly restrictive. We tried to take input from residents and their issues. The problem is when we take care of one person’s concern, another considers it too restrictive. Another problem is I understand that some of us voted, based on someone else’s interpretation or opinion, without even reading the document or the Revisions Spreadsheet provided to make things easier to understand.

With that in mind I am making a motion that we schedule and hold a Covenants Workshop with all concerned HOA Members willing to participate to come up with a passable document. However, we all need to accept that while each of us might not agree with each item, the document in its entirety will be beneficial in protecting our investments in our homes and community while not being overly restrictive.”

 Marty motioned that we schedule a covenants workshop to develop covenants that work for everyone; Dave seconded.  The Board voted unanimously in favor of such a meeting.

The Covenants Workshop is Scheduled for Saturday August 3, 2019 10:30 to 12:30 at the Morgade Library, Coffee and Doughnuts will be served. A second meeting if needed will be Wednesday August 14, 2019 6:00 to 8:00 at the Morgade Library. Please E-mail Marty Moss if you plan to attend

 Residents need to know:

Martin County is offering another “shred event” at the sheriff’s department, and they will also accept old medication.  This occurs from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on 20 July 2019. 

Martin County Sheriff’s Office also has a well-lit video-taped trading lot for personal sales to strangers. 

Please make sure that your e-mail address is updated.  E-mail Marty at and checkout our Website at directly on the URL line and not through your browser

Marty motioned to adjourn at 2:31 p.m.; Maura seconded; the Board unanimously approved.

The next Board meeting is tentatively scheduled for September 2019.

The Covenants Workshop is Scheduled for Saturday August 3, 2019 10:30 to 12:30 at the Morgade Library, Coffee and Doughnuts will be served. A second meeting if needed will be Wednesday August 14, 2019 6:00 to 8:00 at the Morgade Library. Please E-mail Marty Moss if you plan to attend attendance:


Annual Meeting October 13, 2018

Homeowners need to know:

Please send your current e-mail address and your current phone number to Marty Moss at  Please do not assume that the contact information on record with the HOA is correct.  Marty has discovered that many of the addresses and phone numbers that the HOA has are no longer valid.  We hope to do a significant amount of our communication via e-mail to reduce our postage expense. 

Please make plans to attend our next membership meeting on Wednesday, November 7th, at 6:30 p.m. at the Moss residence (5684).  Our agenda for that evening includes reviewing and making decisions about the proposed 2018 – 2019 budget and establishing a committee to revise the covenants.  Please watch for additional news regarding covenant revisions in future association letters.

Please visit the Woodlands HOA website at to stay updated on happenings in our neighborhood.  Typing the address into the URL line works better than going through a browser.


The Annual Meeting occurred on Saturday, 13 October 2018 at the Morgade Library.  For details, please read on.

Meeting called to order on Saturday, 13 October 2018 at 2:07 p.m. by Barbara Poglitsch.
In attendance:

Dave Balongue, Pat Blancher, Jim Brooks, Shannon Crews, Laura Danahy, Jane Englebrecht, Wes Lachance,
Brett & Sheila Lagrega, John and Leslie Ludlam, Marty & Anne Marie Moss,Greg O’Brien,Barbara Poglitsch,
Colleen Sample, Maura Sorenson


Anne Marie and Pat tallied the votes from P.O. box and from meeting: 
20 total votes
20 affirmative votes for Maura
19 affirmative votes for all other candidates

 New Board includes:
Marty Moss – President
Larry Cohen – VP
Barbara Poglitsch – Treasurer
Laura Danahy – Secretary
Maura Sorenson – Director
Shannon Crews – Director
Dave Balongue – Director

  Upcoming meetings:

meeting Wednesday 7 November 2018 at Moss residence (5684) at 6:30 p.m.
quarterly meetings of Board to which all residents are invited on the 2nd Wednesday of January & April 2019
next annual meeting in June 2019

 Continuing issues:

Martin County events:

Trunk or Treat on Wednesday 31 October 2018 at Sheriff’s Office (feel free to donate bags of candy at the sheriff’s office)
National Prescription Drug Take Back Day Saturday October 27, 2018

CVS – 2284 SE Federal Hwy, Stuart
Jupiter Island Public Safety – 103 Bunker Hill Rd, Hobe Sound
Sewalls Point Town Hall – 1 South Sewalls Point Rd
Walgreens Cove Rd – 5800 SE Federal Hwy, Stuart
Walgreens Jensen - 1250 NE Jensen Bch Blvd

Expired drug disposal and shredding event 19 January 2019 at 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.; look for more information on our website

Sheriff’s Office recommends calling 911 to report any concern about odd or suspicious behavior within the neighborhood. See attached message from Sheriff Snyder.

 Marty said that he hopes to update e-mail contacts for all homeowners; Laura concurred.

 Marty noted that the Board’s goals include improving communication, engaging residents in community involvement events, and improving communication through the website.  Additionally, the HOA intends to revise the current by-laws & covenants.

New business:

Jane requested that we announce the public meetings with something besides openly posted signage.  After some group conversation, we collectively agreed that the Board will work towards posting meeting dates and the minutes on the website, but we did not reach a consensus about public announcement of meeting dates.  The Board will continue to snail-mail the minutes.  The Board will consider audio recordings or video recordings of meetings.

 Pat suggested that committee meetings should have minutes distributed to all residents.

Regarding revision of covenants, Pat and Colleen brought everyone up to date with the previous activity with the attorney.  Marty explained that the covenants in place right now are the original covenants of the developer from 1980.  From time to time, he continued, the association has failed to enforce some pieces of the covenants. 

 Colleen reported that all of the properties in Woodlands are now subject to the covenants since the summer of 2018 when the attorney, Elizabeth Bonan, checked all of the property deeds, and the Board at that time arranged to have any owners not yet included in the covenants sign an agreement to be subject to the covenants.

Brett commented that the Board should make any covenant changes open to all of the residents before instituting them.  Dave noted the revision committee would solicit and receive input from the residents for revision of the covenants, and that all of the changes will be put to a membership vote before they are implemented.

Shannon suggested that we should let the attorney come up with the language for the covenants that will define what we want within the neighborhood.

 Maura said that she supports the idea of minimal intrusion on property rights for the benefit of a community being livable for all.  Pat commented that the HOA needs some language that protects all of our property values as well.

 Laura asked how the procedures for revision work.  Marty, Pat, and Colleen explained that the procedure entails a committee that accepts revision suggestions and then presents proposed revisions to all of the residents for a vote.  Once sent out for a vote by the residents, a simple majority decides acceptance or rejection of the proposed covenant revision.

Maura suggested a full-membership workshop for covenant revision; Marty mentioned concerns about the time that an open meeting will take.  Brett and Maura commented that they favor an open-membership conversation of several “hot-button” issues that would develop. 

Barbara requested that all homeowners with comments about covenant revisions make a list on a separate sheet of paper and submit it to the P.O. box instead of marking comments on the original documents and returning the entire package. 

Colleen and Jim explained that the 2015 covenant suggestions never became legally active because some of the original deeds were not properly registered in the 1980s and 1990s.  Maura suggested posting both the 1980 and the 2015 covenants on the website.  Marty, Jim, Maura, Brett, and Colleen recommended using the 2015 proposed covenants to move forward.  Marty motioned that we use the 2015 proposals as our starting point; Maura seconded.

Marty said that the Board will look into reducing the annual dues.  Barbara presented the financial position of the Association.  She said that the HOA currently has $******** (amount intentionally not included on Website) in all of its accounts.  This must cover all of the recurring expenses plus provide funds for any contingencies.  Barbara suggested that a reduction in dues is not feasible for at least two years.

Dave suggested that we postpone approval of this year’s proposed budget to the meeting of 24 October 2018.  Dave motioned for postponement; Marty seconded.

 Marty motioned for adjournment; Laura seconded.  Meeting adjourned at 3:36 p.m.